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Brief introduction of Yongle tape
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Brief introduction of Yongle tape:
Yongle tape is a kind of double-sided adhesive tape, which is made of soft non-woven fabric impregnated with acrylic pressure-sensitive adhesive. It has excellent adhesion, excellent follow-up and surface resistance. Features of Yongle tape: soft non-woven core material, good follow-up performance. The hand can be torn and operated easily. It can produce double-layer paper-clad products and is easy to punch and cut. Uses: general purpose adhesive tape; automobile double-sided tape for automobile industry; photoelectric double-sided tape for photoelectric industry; household appliances and electronic industry. Characteristics and application fields of Yongle tape: black tape, good shielding property, suitable for bonding horn mesh cover; good initial adhesion, easy to adhere at low temperature, also suitable for cloth, insulation cotton, buckle and other rough surface bonding; PVC, PP plastic, rubber has high bonding strength, paste XPE foam; excellent warping resistance and plasticizer resistance, suitable for bonding metal, plastic, foam and other materials; thick adhesive Belt, used for car skylight and other parts